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on board "Ivanhoe"

Ivy[?] in the evg. fine breeze sprung
up in the afternoon. 4 knots turned
in at 1/2 past 9. Cabin very
hot wine [wind] on the port quarter

Wednesday March 30/59.

Up a little after 5. had a
batch. 3 buckets. a cheroot.
(Hypo) reading Pickwick abroad.
After Tiffin Catch Ivy played
Chess & backgammon with Peterson
this forenoon heavy squall in
[Struck through: Thursd] the afternoon took us with
everything set royal stun sails
lay over to it but very stiff job
getting youngsters of[f] the poop weather
looked very threatening

Thursday March 31st. 1859.

went on deck about 1/2 past 5
had a bath. everything set looking
black to windward & ahead.
had only time to get sail
in when the squall struck us

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