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Western Side of the Cape

36° odd South & 17. Something
West. Tedious Slow work. 2
months from Sandheads today.

Sunday May 22nd. 1859.

Fine day sharp & Cold. fine breeze
sprung up at 12 ocl yesterday
& continues today. 170 miles to
the northward of the Cape today
read Exs. [Exodus] & some of Guthries Sermon

Monday May 23rd. 1859.

Fine Cold Sharp day. 145 Miles
today. off Oliphant river.
in 32° something & 12 something.
read account in the Calcutta
review of Dr. Leyden. Got from Payne.
expect to be in St. Helena in about
10 days.

Tuesday May 24th.1859.==

[Underscored: Queens birth day] Cool &
Cloudy. finished at 11 OC today
([underscored: Hooks all in the wrong]) Cabin
after nearly three days steady

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