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of a vessel in the harbour & about
8 let down our Anchor. 3 or 4
merchant vessels. the H.M. "Tortoise"
& Sharpshooter Gunboat were in Atr.
the 3rd. Lt. & Doctor of the Tortoise
came on bd. in the Quarantine boat
Capt. Peterson & I went on bd. "Tortoise"
after breakfast. Got trocham v [?]
from Dr. Mason for Peterson. landing
could not be effected at the pier
head in the mg. for ship & we
intended to try a landing at
Comfort Cove but while we were
on bd. the Man of War the prevention
flags were hauled down & the
Man of War's boat shewed us the
way in. the surf broke heavily
on the rocks. we managed to land
but nearly had our boat swamped
& stove by the the violence of the surf
Capt. Peterson & I went to the
Govrs. office with 1st. Lt. Tortoise

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