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on bd. "Ivanhoe"

observation today a few miles out owing
to the ship sheering about & cloudiness
trying to learn the working of Longitude
Therm: 80°. broke harpoon.

Monday June 13th. 1859.

Up at 6. weather beautifully
pleasant. fine breeze. 194 miles
today 1° 2° expect to cross the
line this evg. Capt. says we
ought to reach England in 35
days at latest. immense quantities
of flying fish have been about
some days.

Tuesday June 14th. 1859.

Crossed the line since yesterday
with a fine breeze. we had one
or two Squalls last evg. Therm 83°
this forenoon 82° after 12. Saw a
brig outward bound this mg. a long
way off. Took an observation to
day at 12 ocl & worked it correctly
1° 39

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