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on bd. "Ivanhoe"

Danish barque & another [Written above: barque]. all bound
southward all had different
winds within 5 miles. very rainy
a NE squall nearby took us
aback at dinner time 5 PM.
Almost no wind again. ladies
all sitting in the passage Peterson
& I obigid[obliged] to take to the Cabin.
Close & warm. French boy struck
a snug shark with Payne's harp-
oon brought him on board.
immense numbers of bonito about
leaping. took an obs. today at
12 Correct Therm at 5ocl 80°

Saturday June 18th. 1859.

Fine day with light breeze from
N.E. fell nearly Calm towards
evg. weather pleasant expect we
hace got into N.E. Trades. Young
Ascention kid killed for dinner
Children having got a blowing
up from the Capt. last night

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