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at Sea

Wednesday July 6th. 1859.

Ship barque & brig in sight
last night head wind con-

Thursday July 7th. 1859.

Fine day but wind ahead &
light. 3 vessels in sight one bark
to leeward one to windward & a
ship. a shoal of porpoises going
north. expect the head wind to
continue till change of the moon.
made little more than 30 miles
since yesterday Capt. gave P
& I camp stoves apeice Therm 72.

Friday July 8th. 1859.

Cabin all day. vessels seen
yesterday still laying about.

Saturday July 9th. 1859.

Have had a Curtain over
Cabin door last & the night
before. Calm Continues two
or three false alarms of wind

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