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on bd. Ship "Ivanhoe"

Thursday July 14th. 1859.

Sighted the Prince of Wales this
evg. bearing down towards us.
both of us on a wind on different
tacks 7 vessels in sight.

Friday July 15th. 1859.

SIgnalled the P. Wales this
mg. excd. twice she if bound
from Melbourne to London. 76 days
out. Capt. sent boat with
officer to ask us to dine. Capt.
Payne & I went on bd. between
12 & 1. day warm with light breeze
met several passengers from Melbourne
Dr. & Miss Beckett &ce had lumpkin
in the Capts. Cabin. A shark along
side Dr. put over hook & bait
dined. pulled a tooth for one
of our sailors our boats crew
got drunk. Sent of[f] our boat
& went on bd. our vessel about
6 in the P.of Ws. boat. a long
pull. she got far ahead of

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