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Saturday Augt. 6th. 1859

at Waverly & I started for
Kings X about 9. very cold
in the train all night. Got into
Edinr. about 9. Met Willie & Bob
at the train. Willie grown
so tall I scarecly knew him. got
home in a Cab. found all my traps
but the large box My Father &
Jessie at home. Mary got mar-
ried yesterday. Robt. gone whale
fishing. Fred gone on an excursion
remained home all day
chatting with my Father & Jessie
Bob Auld & Willie wanted me to
go up to Rail to meet Fred in the
evg. did not go.

Sunday Augt. 7th. 1859.

Went to Broughton church this
forenoon with Jessie a strange
minister. Came home Bob called
went to Trinity with .
Mrs. T. Maria & Fred at home

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