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9.15 P.M. 3 Strangers with us in the
carriage. one a Mr. Batters of
Cornhill who promised to assist
us in the (City affair) without being
asked. had a pleasant journey
down. At the North British Station lost
Portobello train by an incivil
guard see accompanying letter
written to "Scotsman" after my return
to London

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FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 1863.

London, August 24, 1863.
SIR,- A short time ago I arrived at Edinburgh per
Great Northern Railway from London on a Sunday
morning; and being anxious to proceed at one to Porto-
, I inquired of the only guard who was to be seen
on the platform, "Whether a train would soon leave
for that place?" I received no reply to my query, but
the mas busied himself about some baggage. As I was
unwilling to harass him by questions, I waited until he
appeared to be disengaged before repeating my question.
Still I received no answer, but he simply turned his
back and went somewhere else. Catching sight of him
a third time, I repeated my question somewhat peremp-
torily, and had the satisfaction this time at anyrate of
getting a reply - that being that there was a train; but
as it was just leaving, I could not catch it, and, as he
spoke, the puff of an engine on the opposite side, as the
train moved slowy out, convinced me that what he
said was true. I was naturally indignant, but as I
could see no distinguishing mark about the guard, I
was unable to report his conduct in the proper quarter.
A simple "Ay" from him, when I first or even
secondly questioned him, would have enabled me with
east to have caught the train.
The result was that I had to hire a cab to Portobello
which cost me 4s., besides causing me considerable loss
of time and annoyance.
I am induced to sent this to you as I have heard
several complaints of similar incivility on the part of
the servants of the North British Railway at Edin-
, and I consider it ought to be part of their duty
to assist by every reasonable means passengers from a
distance, who are not to be supposed to know the times
of starting of local trains. - I am, &c. A.J.

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