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p. 126

29.80. Menu. 83
I have had Dr. Morris's poney to ride now
& then in the evening the day spent
in reading eating sleeping.
This morning at six left for Kyouk Phyoo.
took the passage between the Barouges
but encountering a heavy sea & severe
squall at the entrance to Cambermere
we put back & took the passage
through the Creeks.

Augt. 11th. 1858.

During the last three day[s] we
have been on the passage through
the Creeks we passed through great
forests > & hills of jungle. Mrs Cales Leut
Dr. Morris & Mr Bisehat &
[being struck through] Mr Johnson being passengers.
today we anchored in Kyouk
harbour & fired a gun.

Augt. 13th. 1858

This day one year ago I left
Scotland & was just making
the remark to some friends in

p. 126