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Friday, November 28th Rainy. Was not very well. Caroline, with Kate
, and Mary [Best?] spent the day at an Anti-Slavery fair in
Brooklyn. George Hudson spent the evening with them and brought
Carrie home about twelve o'clock and the young lady woke me
from sound slumbers to give me an account of her adventures
which I was to sleepy to think as interesting as she evidently
considered them. In the meantime Harriet and I had had a
very pleasant day together in chatting and sewing. Hannah [Wilde?]
called early in the morning. Evening in reading.

Saturday. Warm and Pleasant. Soon after breakfast I called on Hannah
and Mary Reeve. Hannah wanted me to go to the Fair
with her very much so finally I consented. It was nearly
noon when we started. We took the stage on Fourth at which
set us down at the door of Montague Hall, Brooklyn where the
Fair is held. It was mostly [superintended] by colored ladies.
Our design in coming was to assist by taking tables. We did so
and sold about eight or ten dollars worth in the course of the
evening. The ladies were very polite to us.
The boys came over in the evening. Doctor Remmington made a
speech. We left about half past eight. After I reached home I
read the National Era and retired.

Sunday. Pleasant. Attended our church in the morning and evening
Mr. Whiting preached in the morning.

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