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Sunday.. Cloudy.. Spent the morning at home in reading. In the
afternoon attended Sunday School and Communion.
Rain kept me home in the evening.

Monday.. Pleasant. In the morning received a letter from Sarah Wilde
Carrie and I went into Grand ['st?] of an errand, afterwards I
called on Mrs Stearns. George Hudson and Kate called in
the afternoon. Mr Dias brought us some [music?] books in the evening

Tuesday.. Pleasant . Tried an experiment in the millinery line.
In the afternoon Carrie Mary Reeve and I called on Hannah
, took tea with her and spent the evening. We had a
very pleasant time. I enjoyed the society of the sweet little
children very much. Little children ! earth's sweetest blossoms!
How I love them. Joseph and Nathaniel joined us in the
morning. We left about half past two.

Wednesday.. Sewed busily all day. In the evening we all attended
singing school at our church taught by Mr Taylor C. Warner
I liked it very much. The Hudsons accompanied us home.

Thursday..Carrie made a large quantity of fruit cake in the morning
Hannah Wilde called in the afternoon and accompanied me to
distribute my tracts. Called on Mary Reeve, and then Carrie
and I went into Grand ['st?] ]] shopping. Attended Lyceum in the
evening escorted by Natty. Dr W. Bettaner? delivered a very
interesting lecture on "Java and the Javanise". Begh Dickinson?
accompanied Carrie as usual. She also received a call from
Mr Talbot in the afternoon.

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