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Thursday, December 25th / Christmas day.. Arose early to search
fo a ring which I had lost the night before.
I was [not?] successful and began to feel concerned
about it as I had a particular reason for wishing to
keep it. Mother said that Santa Claus had been
sent after it; probably to give it to somebody who
deserved it better. Carrie and Nathaniel attended the
Catholic church in the morning. I did not feel
well and lay down. [Starr?] and Annie called and
Father returned before dinner. - Waking from a short
slumber I spied my ring on the carpet just where
it seemed impossible not to have seen it before.
After dinner - a Christmas dinner by the way -
Carrie curled my hair all over my head in a way
that was pronounced very pretty and though at first
I did not like it much myself it was universally
declared that henceforth I should wear it in no other
fashion than that. Universal opinion prevailed and I
submitted. Mr Murphy presented Harriet with a very
pretty [pin?]. Carrie and I made a long and pleasant [call?]
on the Hudson's. Henry is still worse and has been
delirious most of the day. George has watched with him
[thru?] nights and they are all constantly busy in
attending him. Just as we were leaving Henry sent us
[an?] invitation to come up and see him. We hesitated
and the [score?] of propriety but finally thinking that circumstance

[text continued on left margin:] justified the step we went up to his room. I followed Carrie to his bedside. She stooped and kissed him and I did the same and [then?] half drew back in surprise
to see there not the very youthful young gentleman we had parted with three years
ago but this full grown man whiskers and all. He has improved very much in appearance
and his expression is at once very good and very pleasing. He grasped my hand warmly and returned
my kiss with much fervor saying cheerfully How [?] [to?] Emma said he was glad to see
me looking so well and made a few other remarks - then his mind appeared to wander
and we left him. George accompanied us home. He told us that before the family
he tried to put the best face on the matter but that in California he had seen so
much of this dreadful fever he feared much its effects on Henry. He remarked however
that Henry was [prepared?] to die and that he [supposed?] he was himself [not?] that
there was no [?] [in?] wishing

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