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Friday.. January 2nd Pleasant. Mr Murphy who had staid over
night spent the morning with us. Miss [H?] & Mr M. Stearns
Misses E & I Waterman, Mrs Cook, Miss H. Wilde & Miss Emma
called also several of Harriet's Sunday School
scholars. Mother called on the Hudsons and found H -
much worse. - Hannah Wilde gave us an account of
Mr Dias' insolent proceedings at the singing school
one evening in the abscence of Mr Warner, at which
I was so indignant that it was quite a while before
I recovered my composure. - Sarah and I made quite
a long call on Mary R. Joseph has presented his little
intended with a beautiful gold watch. A New Year's
present. Mr Murphy spent the evening with us.

Saturday. Cloudy. Sarah and I called at the Hudson's in
the morning. George opened the door. He spoke to us
cheerfully, but he was pale, and his eyes were red, as if
by watching and weeping. He said that he had been up
all night with Henry, who had suffered very much.
Mrs Hudson took me aside into another room, and
told me that they had but little hopes of his life.
The thought of the dying youth affected me much,
but after asking a few questions I left them quite composed
I could not however restrain my feelings when I reached
home though I would rather have done so. Poor Henry
It seemed too bad to die under such circumstances,
though I felt that he could lose nothing in dying.

[text continued in left margin:] Sent word to Father about H. as he had
requested me to do in case he was worse
Miss Dillingham called, also Mr ?. Corning

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