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Tuesday. Pleasant but bitter cold. Mrs Warner and Mary Reeve
called in the afternoon. Sarah, Caroline and Natty
spent the evening with the Dickinsons. I was not well
enough to accompany them. Before they left Sarah and
I spent some time together in singing.
Wednesday. Jan. 14th, Excessively cold. We seem surrounded with
ice, and cannot keep any water in our rooms. We spend
much time in trying to get warm and to keep warm.
In the afternoon Mrs Hallum a cousin of Mother's from
the city made a long call, and set us to wondering
how she could come so far on such a cold day, yet
in the evening we all wrapped up warmly and
marched off to singing school. We had a pleasant
time and returned bringing quite a little company with
us who staid [sic] some time. Mr Murphy was also here.
Thursday. Weather the same. Mary Reeve and Mrs Wells called
in the afternoon. I wrote in Sarah's album. Before tea
I suddenly became very ill and was obliged to give up
the idea of attending Lyceum. The Dickinsons called
as usual, and all went but Harriet and I. H- was
obliged to retire from the effects of a severe headache.
I soon followed her example, but lay awake. [til?] the
girls came laughing up to my room to relate their
adventures of which they always seem to meet with an
abundance, wherever they go. They also gave me a glowing
account of the lectures which they thought very fine.

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