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Wednesday Jan 28th Pleasant. I sat alone with Annie in the
parlor quite a long time in the morning talking about
Maggie. Sarah and I also practiced our music lesson
Annie left us quite early in the afternoon. Sarah
wrote a letter to her mother, and I wrote to Ellen
Leajer?. In the evening George Hudson called for us
and accompanied us to singing-school. We stopped
to snow-ball each other on the way. Mary Reeves?
came in with Natty soon after. Mr I. A. Warner
behaved very impolitely indeed, and closed the exercises
very abruptly. I think I can divine the motive of
his conduct. George Hudson stepped up and told him
his mind pretty plainly. We had a pleasant time
returning -- more snowballing. All stopped at our
house awhile. George remained some time after the
others had left.

[side] Mary Reeves? called. P.M.

Thursday .. Bright over-head. Sarah made up her mind today
to visit her friends in New York and accordingly
Carrie and I accompanied her over. Sarah stopped to bid
Kate Hudson Good Bye. we found the walking very bad
there was also much in the river but we crossed
without difficulty. We called on Annie, left Sarah at
her uncle's and returned. Reached house in time for
tea. and attended Lyceum in the evening. Prof. Anderson
lectured on the Celtic Race. It was very interesting
but I was almost too tired to enjoy it.

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