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Tuesday May 4th Delightful weather - just warm enough.
Harriet and I spent an hour of the early morning in shopping
Bought a new hat for the summer.
Mary Reeve and Miss Thien? called P.M.
Commenced making and marking half-a-dozen towels for
Harriet - no great undertaking, by the way.
Mr Murphy spent the evening here - thinks he will be
married before a great while. We had quite a talk about it
Of course [none?] of us are willing that that event should
take place so soon, but the selfish couple run on most
pertinaciously about their plans and prospects quite regardless
of our feelings. Aggravating! They are so wrapt up in each
other that they can't think of any one else.
Dr Finlay called.
Wednesday. Very warm. Hannah Wilde called in the afternoon
I went into Grant st of an errand. Carrie much better
Mr Murphy came over soon after seven and with Hat?
Nat? and I attended teh May Queen Festival at Prof A's
school. Met the Culberts there, and I was soon [mounted?]
up on the back of school-bench between Margaret and [Aunt?]
from which my prominent elevation I had an excellent
view of the ceremony. The little queen, a very pretty and
graceful girl, apparently about thirteen years of age, conducted
herself admirably. After the [illegible?], a May pole [wreath?]
with flowers was brought forward to the centre of the
room, the queen descended from her throle and stood beside

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