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Monday May 10th.. Very pleasant and warm. Called at the
milliner's thrice in the course of the morning,
In the afternoon my new hat was sent home. It is a
gossamer straw, lined and trimmed with white, and
pleases me much, as is generally the case with anything
new and tasteful. Called on Mary Reeve also took a
short walk walk with ^her Returned, read an hour, took an
early tea, and at six started for the ferry, crossed over
and found Natty waiting for me on the other side.
Walked to the Tabernacle, which we reached at seven,
Half-an hour later seats were difficult to be obtained;
and the meeting commenced. Natty and I sat in the
first seat of the gallery, facing the platform.

It was the Twenty-Fourth Anniversary of the American
Leaman's Friends Society. The speeches were very fine
the singing also was excellent. The meeting closed about
half-past-ten. I was much fatigued and felt as though I
could hardly reach home, but at twelve cozily nestled
in bed and clasped in Carrie's arms all sense of weariness
was ^soon lost in refreshing slumber.

[written sideways near gutter]
E. Daniels? spent the evening at our house.

Tuesday.. Warm and pleasant. Mother and I attended the Anti-Slavery
Anniversary at the Broadway Tabernacle in the afternoon
It was very interesting, and I enjoyed it highly.
Speeches were delivered by the Hon. E.D. Cenbre? Mr Pray? and
a blind mulatto man, and Henry Ward Beecher.
They were all different both in style and substances and I could

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