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not decide which I thought best. The colored man of course
was not so well educated as the other two, but his remarks
were witty, touching and original and his misfortune increased
the interest he excited. The place was crowded at least half-
an-hour before the meeting commenced. It continued
about three hours. On leaving we met a number of friends
Starr and Annie and all the Scheuet? family were present
Even Maggie was there two. She was rather pale but was
as pretty and smiling as ever. Mr Branch dares not disturb
her and we hope ere long she will be entirely free from
him. Mr Marshall accompanied Mary Jane.

Mr Joseph and Samuel Wilde were on the boat in which
we returned. Joseph walked up with Natty and I while
Mr J -- walked directly in a line with us on the other
side of the way, as regardless of appearances and of other
folks' opinion as you please.

Reached home much fatigued. Spent the evening in
reading, and finished "The Wide, Wide World".

It is a beautiful story, but I need not stop to commened
it, its praises being duly sung by the papers all over the
land. It did me good -- I closed it with a humbling
sense of my own short-comings in the way of duty, and
a heart-felt prayer that the impression might be abiding.
Harriet attended Mrs Holbrook's funeral. The brides of [courn?] were
present, dressed in deep mourning. Poor girls! But a few weeks ago
when a large company were there assembled on a far different

[Sideways along gutter edge]
occasion, in their hour of happiness, how little did they dream that in that hour
would so soon take place the funeral [solemnities?] of her whose guidance and
affectionate sympathy they now so greatly need!

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