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were he not quite so sober, still I like him much, and
so I fancy does our bright, gay little Mary, notwithstanding
he is so different from herself. Love is a strange little
God, but he did well in this case. Every body agrees
that it is a firstrate match and also I believe they
agree in giving me the credit of it. I hope they
won't take me for a thorough going match - maker
I only thought I would give them a start seeing it
seemed very agreeable to both parties. and a start was
all they wanted for they followed it up in short order
Now they are engaged - then comes a wedding by and by,
and then my best wishes accompany them as they
progress hand in hand through the uncertain future.
Well, to return, we walked through South 9th st[street] so First
strolled along by the waterstill we were quite a
distance out [illegible] Brooklyn side, then went up to
Bedford avenue, through which we prominaded some
time, and then returned. As we passed through this
pleasant streets we saw that we were not the only [underlined]
moonlight ramblers, and it was also quite evident [illegible]
all the lovers in Wesburough did not belong to our party.
Being much fatigued I retired immediately on reaching home

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