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Tuesday. To-day we began to realize that it is summer
it was excessively warm and the heat increased as the
day passed on. Before dinner sister Annie came
over to assist Harriet, and we all seated ourselves
in the front chamber with our needle-work and passed
a very pleasant afternoon. Starr came over at tea time
Harriet and Annie, Natty and I promenaded before our
house a short time about dusk, then Starr, Annie
and Harriet went off to pass the evening with Kate
Skinner. I employed the remainder of the evening in
reading. Became very much interested in a piece by
Edgar A. Poe on the Philsophy of Composition, and quite
unable to read any thing else I retired soon after ten in
a very excited state of mind. How this roused my imagination
from its usually quiet dreams ! ambition too awake.
and in their train came high resolves, intense longings and
trembling hopes. That [Dr?] - [Dr?] that has so long danced
before my dazzled inner-sight, appearing and disappearing
sometimes almost forgotten but reappearing again with
renewed brilliancy and drawing nearer till casting its flood
of light and beauty overmy soul, it chases away the shadows
and darkness that enshroud it and reveals to me what perhaps
I might do! What, perhaps, I might become!
Light of my soul! wilt thou thus elude me forever? May
I never grasp thee and keep thee, to gladden my heart and to
send forth thy bright rays into many others, known and unknown[Dr?]

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