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to greet the passer-by with the clenched fist of communism. They do not
brandish the fist, - at least they did not when we were there. Theirs was
a gesture of hope [?] and they smiled(?) as they made it. No rebellion
against them and their cicumstances can succeed enduringly. Nature [?]
forces them on. With good reason they have identified the church with
the [emphasis] status quo [/emphasis] and that is why in Toledo they have resentfully renamed the Street of
the Cardinal, between the cathedral and the episcopal palace, [emphasis] The Calle
de Carlos Marx, [/emphasis] and why too latterly[?] they have sacked churches and killed
priests and nuns. In Toledo we got a young man, a good linguist, to
take us about. I asked him to have drinks with me in a cafe and after the
first surprise he talked. A bitter creature he was and I learned much.
Spain is compounded singularly, -the medieval, the renaissance
and the baroque, almost untouched and even more [illegible] (No picture
post-cards, worth the [illegible] of Leon cathedral, for example, and none whatever
of exquisite San Vincente); The curty(?) life of the people going onward as for
hundreds of years past, untouched by radio, sewing machine (seen in the shoddy

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I was able to figure a considerable amount of the illegible words here.