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and let no friend know. -5-
But the Congress was stirring enough. We attended
every large function, seeing them through little M's eyes, to whom they were all gloriously new
and exciting. The English went far in their hospitality : we were even invitied to
private occasions by people we had never met. You would have liked Hans
Zuiseck's [? possible Zinnser's] speech at the final congress [?] and the courageous (if not rash) remarks of the German, Forcsacmann [?] ; in both deals plainly with the political distorition of Europe [illegible] on the
solidarity of science. No Italian was there though the concourse was [illegible] (1500) and the Germans had been hand-picked
by the government who fortunately had made what they would deem mistakes.
helingham [?] told me said govr. had inquired how much it would take to support life
for a week in London and then had allotted to each delegate that minimum sum (don't
After the Congress, Cambridge, the waiter's [?] lodge ^at Trinity Hall, winings and dinings,
and the Deans [?] who are Waiter [?] and Missus [?] but with we did not behave accordingly. I liked in special a long after-dinner talk with Hopkins at the foot
of the garden by the Cam. The O.M [? possibly abbreviation for Order of Merit] has not changed him from frankness and
humilitiy. We took up things as left off ten years ago and he told me much.

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