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Canada Theodore Sask Nov 15th 1915

En Vådjan Till Guvernören
William Spry

Enligt râttegång anser vi att vår Landsman
Joe Hillström âr oskyldigt dömdt till
döden och vâdja till guvernören
William Spry, att bevilja homom ny
râttegång och benåda hans liv.
Enligt undertknade.

Mr. & Mrs. N Brackman
Helga Brackman
Henry Brackman
Harold Brackman
Victor Shustrom
Gunnar Sjostrom
Ingeborg Sjostrom
Ruth Sjostrom
Ester Shostrom
Lillie Sjostrom
C Olson
J. S. Jakobson
Jakob Von Ary
Mr. & Mrs. J. Sjostrom
Mr. & Mrs. Mostrom
Flin Mostrom

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Gabi Sundquist

I think this is in a different language. I've transcribed the best I could, but I think it could use a look by someone who knows the language.


I just happened to come upon this file. I am not familiar with Swedish, but I do translate with the help of Google Translate in order to get context and find the correct words. Also using diacriticals (accents) make a humongous difference.