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Germantown,O, Sept. 20/15
Hon. Chief Executive
State of Utah-

Our attention has been called to an article contained
in the Appeal to Reason that Joseph Hillstrom is lying at death's
door, sentenced by a rotten judiciary, for the murder of Mr. Morrison.

This case as plainly revealed, was a one sided trial. The facts
show that the Jury, Prosecutor, Judge and even Hillstrom's own
attorneys namely Scott & McDougall upon the state's own evidence
conspired to give this innocent comrade the stiffest penality under
the criminal laws of the State. Where is the evidence in the court
records to prove him guilty of such a charge? Did the State permit
Joe Hillstrom to tell the Court + Jury his side of the case under oath? No
Why Not? Therefore we the undersigned, vigorously protest to such
a ridiculous case of iron fisted judiciary to ask you in the name
of humanity to give this poor persecuted victim another trial
founded upon the sacred rights of "Justice" and "Freedom of Speech"
To leave this trial now on record to go unchallenged is a sting and
a mockery against the few lawful labor measures and its three
provisions, guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.

Yours Fraternally,
R.C. & A.N. Judy

84 24 The Number of This Petition is

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