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It was moved and carried that a Board of Health
consisting of three persons be appointed.
John Schofield, T.B. Allred, and Louritz Larsen
were appointed said board.
It was agreed to employ W. P. Allred as
physician. William G. Billington was emp
loyed as messenger by the council.
The council agreed that schools and all
public gathering should be dispensed with
for the present. Adjourned Sine Die
Tuesday Feb 3. 1880
The council met in the tithing office. Mayor Larsen
presiding. Prayer by Louritz Larsen.
N.P. Nielsen applied to get unexpired term
of his license transfered to T.E. Friese which was
granted by the council.
Three (3) Dollars were appropriated to J. T. Ellis for
one ton of coal for the use of the council.
Two Dollars and forty five cents (2.45, for hauling
the coal. A petition from H. W. Puzey
was asking an appropriation of Five (5)
Dollars for services as policeman; and laid
over until Mr. Puzey could meet with the council
and inform them of the services.
The reports of those who had charge of the canyon
hands in order to increase the water, were read
and ait was agreed to present the reports before a
mass meeting of the people.
The city treasurers requested that he be allowed a

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