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Last Name Letter: H

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
1916September6Holsinger Mrs. Roy5x8 and 8/10x4400
Holsinger Miss.5/8 and 8/10x4401
Holsinger Mrs. Joe8x10x4402
" Mr. Joe8/10x4403
Holsinger Mr. Roy5/7x4404
20Halstead Geo W.P.C.x44291
22Humphrey Mrs. W. A. GroupP.C.x44311
27Hager JackFootballx4452
October3Howard AlfredP.C.x44751
7Hallway Mrs. A. B.Copiesx44873.5
4x10 Pepx44898
10Harris Miss MaggieP.C.x44941
11Harvey Miss Louise11x14x44978
14Henry Miss. MinnieP.C.x45020.75
18Harris Mrs. A. W.7x10x45082
18Hillian Miss. E.P.C.x45091
25Heron M. D.P.C.x4525 1/21
26Hedges Dr. party5/7x4526
3Holsinger Mr. R. W.x4552
9Hawkins Belle #P.C.x45581
16" and MotherP.C.x45761
17Leavonia # (Little Girl)P.C.x45771
Hagar Football in actionx4599
30Holsinger Mary Lois8x10x4629
December2Harris Olive7x11 Sepiax463412
" Zela7x11x463512
" OliveP.C.x46361
" ZelaP.C.x46371
20Hall Cora #P.C.x47261
1917January3Hicks W. H.P.Cx47341
Hunter Maggie # ChildrenP.Cx47361
5Holland E. Jr.7/10 Sketchx47405
18Howell C. W.5/8x47703.5
26Haxall W. U. and wifex47793
31Hawkins H. H. Warehouse8/10x4792
February7Hinton J. W.7/11 Sepiax48095
8Hopkins8/10 Viewsx4812
"8/10 Viewsx4813
17Hicks W. H. andP.C.x483710

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