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Ledger Page Number: 518

Last Name Letter: W

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
April9Webb Miss H.PCx49991
April22Wade Mrs J. W. of DaughterPCx50411
April26Wagenkingt W. J.For insert in Elix50545
May9Wilson G. A.7/10 Sketchx508610
May16White Miss A. L.PC Sepiax51162
May18White Jessie #PCx51232
May19Williams Mr K. B.5/8 B+Wx51275
May23Wood Emmit and wifePCx51341.5
May23Wheeler Mrs J. W.PCx51353
May24Warring P. A.7/11 Sepiax514110
May28Watson BillyPCx51521
May31Wood Mr J. G.7/11 Sepiax517015
June4Wood Mrs B.PCx51931.5
JuneWoodberry Forest Boys (Drill)8/10x5201
June9" Hurdle Race5/7x5202
June9Walker J. T.PCx52191.5
June9Wood J. G.4/6 Sepiax52224
June13Wade Miss EvelynPCx52311
June18Ward Mrs B. E. (group)PCx52402
June21Woodson Miss MaryPCx52451.5
July28Wilson Mrs T. J. Jr.4/6 Sepiax52663.5
July2Wood Miss L. (and friend)PCx52741.5
July2White Mrs N. S.PCx52801
July14Wilson Miss Mary S.3/4x53052
July14Whitehurst J. P.3/4x53062
July164/6 Sepiax53165
July23Wine Miss Elanor4/6 Sepiax53304
July24Waite Mrs Harrison Jr5/7 Sepiax53367
July274/6 B+Wx53476
August4Windson Rowan5/7 Sepiax536310
August4Wilson A. L. Mrs8/10 Sepiax536410
August8Ward D. J. (mr)Artcardsx53763
August8" (Mrs)x53773
August8Wheeler Mrs B. E.4/6x53826
August10Wray RobtPCx53901.5
August10White Cleveland #PCx54001
August24Walker Geo E. Jr.11/14x542712
August29Walker R. C. (child)5/7x54489.5
September4Walton Mrs M. L.7/11x547112
September15Webber Miss Mary3/4 Enlargx5474
September24Williams Mrs H. H.3/4 Enlargx5476

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