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YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
September24Walker A. P.11/14 Sepiax549925
13Winbush Miss Helen4/6 Sepiax55104
18Webb Miss H.PCx55161.5
18Williams Dr.11/14 Sepiax551915
October4Weiss IrvinePCx55651
5Waters W. P.7/11 Sepiax557010
6Wood Mr JohnPCx55771.5
9Wicker W. O.4/6 Sepiax55945
10Waters Mrs W. C. + baby7/10 Sepiax559610
10Washbaugh LauraPC Sepiax55992
17Woody A. S.PCx56151
17Woody MrsPCx56161
27Washington Lula #PCx56531
27" William #PCx56541
September1Western Union8/10x5478
November8Wood EarlePCx57001
10Wilkerson Mrs G. E.PCx57041.5
12Washburne CaptPCx57091.5
15Wilkerson ElieenPCx57231
15Washinton R. #PCx57281
21Wingfriend OliverPCx57481
26Walke JamesPCx57601
26Williams J. A.PCx57611
28Watts Miss TexiePCx57661
December8Wheeler Mrs8/10 Sepiax580618
8White W. R.5/8 Sepiax58215
15Wilson Mrs N. Jr.5/8 Sepiax58295
15Weatherford T. G.4/10 Sepiax58485
31Washington Richard #PCx58691.5
31" Falenage #PCx58701
31" Bennett #PCx58711
31" Gulay #PCx58721
31Wright Miss HattiePCx58741
31Weaver GertrudePCx58761
31Weaver ElizabethPCx58962.5
1918January9Wingfried H. D.PCx59041
12Webb Miss HornsellPCx59172
19Wood Ashby D. WoodCab Cardx5926
24Williams (nat correct)
24Walker J. T.x59282

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