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and the other late Greek reliefs from Asia
Minor but the absence of human figures
makes it difficult to determine the date.

The architecture one would at once say
is Roman of a very good period. The design
with its two stories of Doric pilasters, the
mouldings and all are Roman and it
would seem as if the whole monument
must be brought to a date within the
early years of the Empire.

As to the purpose pf the monument it is
impossible to speak definitely. From
a distance it is an ordinary funeral
monument but the position?? , so far from
any ancient site, and the absence of
cistern chambers would tend to destroy
that theory. A battle monument might
easily have been placed here at the head
of the great valley which opens toward
the south, but hunting scenes would hardly
have been chosen for a commemorative
structure of that kind. It might have

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