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a flight of four steps leading up to another
rectangular chamber. Two doorways open
from this upon the steps and there is a
narrow window beterrn the steps and the
north rock wall. From the south of
the large chamber a second doorway
leads with another chamber almost
square. This also has a niche in
its southern side

It is possible to conjecture that this
large chamber was the chapel of the
eremitical convent, with its apse at
the east, the southern chamber a secondary
chapel. The chamber to the west was
perhaps a living apartment and the 3
niches along the passage praying cells.

The small niche, the bottom of which is
about three feet from the floor of the passage
may have held a benitier, while the
natural cave at the west served only
as an entrance. In the ceiling of the
largest chamber a little north of the centre

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