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28 Coleoptera Species Jour Ac. vol 3

Leptura Lat (continued)
lugubris S. (L. scutellum-album? Knock) Black; sericeous beneath; antennae shorter than the body Mo 2/5
proxima S. Black; elytra testaceous, with a black tip Mo. 3/5 Mass
lineolat S. Melsh. Black, elytra punctured; suture, margin & vitta black, U.S. 2/5 Mass
ruficollis S. Black, thorax rufous; labrum pale. Ky. (L. collaris Melsh) 3/10

Rhagium Fab.
trivittatum S. Black; elytra with black suture, yellow-vitta, black central line and rufous margin Mis. 7/10
cyanipenne S. Black; antennae & feet testaceous; elytra blue. U.S. 2/5

Clytus Fab. Lat.
hamatus, S. Black; thorax margined with yellow; scuted, 2 bands and spot on the elytra yellow. Illinois. 11/20 Mass
caprea S. (Callidium caprea Melsh). Fuscous; thorax with the anterior ridge yellow; elytra with 4 bands & tip yellow. Ark. 3/5 Mass.
supernotatus S. Reddish-brown; each elytron with a large white spot behind on a larger black one Mo. 1/4

longipes S. Black, thorax cylindrical mutic, rufous; thighs elevate; elytra bidentate Mo 5/10
mucronatus S. Brown with cinerous hair; antennae with 3 or 4 spined; thighs mucronate; elytra bidentate U.S. 7/20 (S. Marylandicus Melsh)

Molorehus Fab.
bimaculatus S. Melsh. Black, hairy; elytra testaceous on the disk U.S. 1/4 Mass

aequalis S. Brassy, with 2 dilated, indented subsutural spots on the elytra and an indented humeral line; two elevated lines between the eyes Mo. 7/20

Lena Fab.
trivittata S. Melsh. Rufous; elytra pale; suture & marginal vitta of the elytra black U.S. Mass 3/10.
collaris S. Black; thorax rufous; elytra green, striae with punctures. Mass Mo 1/5 Found on [Spides?] [Illegible] [Fradeseantea Vaginium?-Illegible]

Orsodachna Lat.
vittata, S. Black, punctured; elytra pale testaceous; suture & outer margin black; Mass; Mo 1/20 feet rufous

Hispa Lin Lat.
lateralis. S. Black; thorax, each side, & humeras humeras yellowish Illi. Mo. 3/10
pallida S. Yellowish white; elytra with punctured striae, elevated lines, and blackish linear spots towards te tip. U.S. 3/20 Mass.
obsoleta S. Blackish; thorax with punctured striae, elevated lines & obsolete yellowish spots. U.S. Mass 3/20
cyanea S. Bluish-violaceous; beneath black; vertex rugose. Mo. 1/4
collaris S. Thorax red; elytra blue; beneath black. Ark. 1/4.

unipunctata S. Yellow; margin whitish; thorax with a black spot. Mo 2/5

Imatidium Fab.
17-punctatum S. Yellowish; thorax 4-spotted; elytra 12=spotted Ark 2/5
cyaneum S. Suborbicular, blue, with dilated punctures antennae pale. Geo. 1/5

[Clythera?] Laich Latr.
4-guttata. S. Black elytra with a large red humeral spot and an orbicular terminal one U.S. 3/20 Mass.

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