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To Dr. [L?].B. Mead of Augusta, Hancock
County, I am indebted for a catalogue of the
plants growing in that vicinity, and also
for very numerous specimens. He has
probably devoted more time and labor to the
examination of Illinois plants than any
other botanist, and his collections now
form part of most of the [principal]
herbaria in the world.

To Dr. George [Engelinam?] I am also
much indebted for a [manuscript with a line through it] list of the
plants found in the southern part of the
state, mostly opposite St Louis. His
accurate knowledge of the plants of this
country is well known, and will give
confidence in any statements that rest
upon his authority.

In Wood's Class Book of Botany, a
number of species are credited to Illinois.

In addition to all these sources of
information I have had an opportunity to
examine the extensive collections of plants made
by Mr. Robert Kennicott, Mr. Emile Clausen
and others and exhibited. at the State Fair held
at Chicago in 1855. This collection
besides adding quite a number to the species
before known as belonging to the state, was
of material aid in showing their distribution.

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