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[Handmade table with names, depths, and instructions and dates]

Milwaukee July 29 - 1846

[Illegible] Chare & cornstocks

You are hereby required
to perfect your regulating wier agreeably to the terms of the leave
in soil you provided by constructing in the brast thereof a notch six inches deep below the top
water bar, and 5.30 feet wide, arguably to the following diagram, to plan with four hundred cubic feet of water per minute said notch to be secured by spiking on to the top of the [block?]
in which the same is formed, with wrought spikes 3 inches long a flat box of [iron] two inches wide and a quarter
of an inch thick, said [illegible] to extend entirely across the [brast?] of the
box from side to side, in one unbrokenpiece, and to be so but as to conform
to the said notch; and [obver?] said votch you will flank the brast of the
said [illegible] with tight jousts between the flank to the full height of the frame,
whereby no opening or passage will remain through said brast, excepting
out of the said notch - to be completed by the 12th
day of August net.

[Diagram of what the notch set up should look like]


I A Lapham Engineer

M & R R Canal Co.

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