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1880, June 5
The Woman's Suffrage Association State of Wisconsin
(writing on right side says "Conn. 1880 June 5th (?)"
Laura R. Wolcott, M.D., President (right) P.S. Anneke, Recording Secretary (left)
Mathilde Franziska Anneke, Vice Pres't (right) Kate Kane, Corresponing Secretary (l)
Milwaukee,-------------188 (left)

To all of you our welcome and hearty greeting
that you come to join us, to help prepare for a
grand work. The way was long, which had led us
to the point at which the vicory is appearing after
a hard struggle. To you, who have in good earnest
appeared here with us a hearty welcome! and
again welcome! And t those, who on account
of illness or old age earnest appear, but who
are united with us in spirit, who have borne
the beacon of knowledge and perseverance, be our
silent thanks.

And sacred be the memory of those
who are no more among us, the combatants from
grand cause who are ever us immortal.

the men of Wisconsin, citizens of this
state have at the last legislature informed us
with the right, the duty and responsibility to share
with them as we have truly desired it the care of
ruling the sate businesses, the care for
the welfare of the whole country together with
its inhabitants, which has so long rested on their shame

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