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The Woman's Suffrage Association State of Wisconsin
(writing on right side says "Conn. 1880 June 5th (?)"
Laura R. Wolcott, M.D., President (right) P.S. Anneke, Recording Secretary (left)
Mathilde Franziska Anneke, Vice Pres't (right) Kate Kane, Corresponing Secretary (l)
Milwaukee,-------------188 (left)


They have proved on the morning of a
new epoch, that the right and scientific
cognition is missing in them, and that they will break
the way for a men era, which is looming for mankind when
with the political equalization of women.

We have not approached [crossed out and replaced with attacked} them with our
demands, but have clearly & scientifically proven
for years that woman is justified to counsel
and judge on the most superior questions re-
lating to the welfare of mankind.

For many years, wise women and un-
prejudiced men have appealed to the
discernment of legislatures
in ths country but the honor is due to the legislature of our young
and expired developing state,
[illegible crossed out words] to home

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