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us of his "delight" and "unfeigned pleasure" in
occupying so honourable a post on so memorable an
occasion, and then and - and then - he suddenly
resolved to reserve the remainder of his well written
speech, and called upon the Principal to respond to the
toast of "The King". At this we all jumped up, seized
our glasses, clinked them and loyally drank
- lemonade - then as loyally gasped the National
Anthem - gasped, because we had supped off
that roast-turkey, etc, not wisely but too well.

The Principal rose, with an air of "as I could
if I would" tell you many things about the King
and then told us how once when he had been
arguing rather too strongly with his Majesty (and that
before a lot of other Royalties) the King to shew his
appreciation of the Principal's arguments, wanted to put
a sovereign in the hat which was being passed
round for the Principal's benefit. But the man
in charge of the hat, thinking the King was annoyed,

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