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light vein, within our comprehensive, and straight-
way spoke of the efforts of the Faculty, in bygone days,
in stuffing birds, cats and foxes with great credit.
Then he said the Principal had come to help the giddy
Faculty to do the jolly stuffing a bit better. He
also said that the prospects of the Western Univer-
sity were brighter now than they had ever been,
and begged to suggest that a little fresh paint applied
to the verandahs, doors, and window sills, and a few
more flower-beds on the lawn would make the
prospects still brighter.

No sooner was Dr. James reseated than the
chairman invited us to drink again, as Archdeacon
Davis was about to commence an oration. Like
Dr. James, the Archdeacon couldn't say much about Kings
so he told us stories about Bishops - of this diocese
too. One of them, we understood him to say was
a boary-headed old sinner who went to and fro in
the diocese seeking what he might devour, and

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