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Friday 26th
Fresh Breeze & warm all day & a paddle Steamer
Passed our Stern at 10.p.m. which was serpossed
to be the Parsific the Sea very rough toward

[image: drawing of ship among high waves]
The S.S. Ship Azof after striking on the Skirke Rock at ¼ to 5.a.m.
[?] 27th 1855

Saturday 27th 3rd Week
At ½ 4 a.m. all Hands on board was ala[r]med
by the Ship Strikeing on a rock. She Struck three
times the first was a Tremendus Shock which was
Enough to Knock the Ship to Peases & Everythink in her
The Man was thrown from the Helm a Great meny
was on the Decks & in the Quaters life boats one of
was full & Had the Tackling Cut through & only the
rope which was tied to the Bulwalks of the Ship
If thay had Cleared thay all would been lost.
The Captain came up on deck in his Draws & Exclamed
By God we are all lost & then the Rockets of
Distress was fired off 6 [in] number the Sea run[ ]

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