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You all know what a racoon is, as you must have seen
one or more in the Zoological Gardens. I should describe it
about the size, or rather larger than a full grown fox, with
a tail like the fox's brush, except in colour which is more that
of a tabby cat. Wednesday Ploughing. Thursday Ploughing
FridayPloughing. On each of days the weather was pleasant
Saturday. Cutting down farm-rue or larch poles, and
hauling them up to the house with oxen. I cut, and Uncle
hauled. Sunday. Service at home. MondayPloughing
Tuesday. Chopping. Wednesday.Chopping. Thursday
hauling chopped timber up to the farm to work up in
wet weather. Friday. Chopping, and while in the woods
at it, a tremendous hurricane or storm passed over
the lightning flashed, and the thunder pealed. Two trees
were blown down quite near to us. Bobby was with
me, and he wanted to go home. The falling trees frightened
him, but the storm drove so, we could not. In
Canada, when it does rain, comes down in bucketsful, not
as a storm of decent rain comes down in England. Out
here it seem to rain, as though none had fallen since the
flood, and it was now going to make up for the past
Well, I knew I must get wet through. I had just felled
one tree, and was going to begin another. I set to work

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