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have been hit since Aug. 8th. I went
through a ward the other day in search
of a fellow I knew from the 4th, when someone
greeted me by my right name and there was
Howard Fulcher, of St Marys, a Collegiate
Institute classmate; we met in Fort George,
B.C. and had not seen each other since. He
was in the 31st Bn. Merrill Molland and
I are often together. Yesterday I took my
first walk. It does not bother me
much to walk; I simply have to keep
my back very straight and prim. My head is
pracically healed, and my back and
shoulder are doing well; at the present
rate of improvement I will soon be fit.
They claim my ninth rib was not
fractured but had a piece chipped out
of it. I sure have a good appetite;-
change of climate.
Jack is in this country but I do
not know his address. I left the battallion
before his letter reached me. He will not
know where I am either. He is taking
an officer's course, having, among others,
been recommended by the battallion. I
believe he will be awarded the military

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