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London, Ontario, Canada
[Image-Logo] Entomological Society of Ontario
Meeting of faculty held Sept 16 '84
Present Drs Fenwick, Fraser, Arnott, Wishart
Waugh &WE Saunders. Dr C g Moore
Dr Arnott moved, seconded by Dr Wishart
that Dr Fennwick take the Chair, Carried.
W E Saunders was appointed temporary (Sec ?).
Dr Fenwick reported that a committee of 6
had been apppointed by the Senate to investigate
financials & other matters, including the question
whether the medical faculty could get along
with the cottage for the winter.
A discussion then followed on this subject
showing that the feeling of the meeting was in
favor of making two rooms in the cottage into one
& using it as lecture room if necessary
Dr Moore produced the legal opinions
of Messrs R Bayley & M R Meridith which on the question of continuance of the W. W in case the Huron College withdraws
were read by the Sec. pro. tem
A discussion followed in which Dr Moore
stated that Mr Meredith was strongly

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