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Leavenworth, then to Lawrence and from
there to [Sac?] & [Fox?] Agency, or to Old agency.
[Tell?] [Pepegwa?]. You asked me about your
children. Since I have met with misfortune
I have not been to see them.
Two years ago your oldest son, Jim,
was here to see me. Since, I have heard
through my son Edward, who was there
to visit him over a year ago, that
he was still well and his wife too, only
that his two oldest children died, and he
has his one remaining yet, the youngest.
Your children whom you left among
the Kickapoos I know nothing of
but by writing to your oldest son Jim
you can find out all [or?] most about
them, how many are still living and
how they get on. He may know more
about them as he lives near by. His post
office is, [St. Mary Mission, Pottowatomi
nation, Kansas.] [all underlined]

If [Sokepoo?] will not come, Thomas
[Wewanosh?] must come. One kind
of medicine I want. Thos [Bigknife?] knows it.
It is called. [Cha-che-chaw-pu-kuk?]. Of this
I want a great deal. Francis McCoones [McCoonse]
[?istesoon?] or [Esh tonquit]

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