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of this letter. And this is also the reason
you have not received any money. So
soon as we get payment you will
get money, and continue to draw
with us so long as you live. You
wil also draw once, this coming payment,
for my mother, but [then?] no
more for her. We would be very glad
if you would come and see us and
stay several months you [might?] then
see to your land to suit yourself ; and
also all my children still remember
you and would be glad to see you.
[We?] would do the best for you that we
could, to show you kindness.
Father you are old now like myself
and coming nearer the grave, but you
must not be afraid to travel now
There is no danger on the road here,
all is quiet so that you can come
to see us. All is quiet about [here] [crossed out] us [written above].
One of my son-in-laws after [corn?]-
planting in spring went to Wisconsin
and came home a few days ago, and
there was no danger at all anywhere on
the road. [So- kee-po?] my nephew can
come with [you if you want to come] [written above] [Wenosh?] must help me
get [So keepo?] to com [come] and bring [with him?] [written above] what
medicine he has. If he comes he
can go from Detroit to [Juliot?] [Joliet?], then
to Quincy, then to St. Joseph, from there to

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