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ACK'D MAR 18 1913

MAR 18 1913


Hon. Joceph Tumulty,
Secretary to the President,
Washington, D. C.

My dear Mr. Tumulty:-

I hope I may secure your pardon for the intrusion of
this letter, but I know of no other way of getting some facts before
the President, and am, therefore, relying upon your good office to
call them to his attention.

1 have seen a clipping from the Washington Evening Star in which
my name is alleged to have been presented for the position of
Assistant Register of the Treasury. I desire to state that I have
authorized no one to present my name for any office nor am I a
candidate for this position.

During the last campaign I organised and was elected president
of the Wilson Colored Democratic Club of Greater New York. I was
prompted to organize in this way because it was apparent that
members of colored men in this city would vote for Mr. Wilson who
would not join any organization affiliated with Tammany Hall--as
is the United Colored Democracy. It was in no spirit of opposition


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