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Brooklyn, N. Y. ____________ 191

to the United Colored Democrary that this club was organized, but
rather in a spirit of cooperation and for the purpose of bringing to
the support of our case and candidates every colored man who could
possibly be won over. Bichop Walters will inform you of the service
rendered by our organization to the ticket. During the campaign we
worked harmoniously under the Leadership of the Bishop and in
cooperation with the National Colored Democratic League, but as soon
as the election was over, Robert N. Wood, Chief of the United Colored
Democracy, sought to have all of these useful agencies made sub-
ordinate to the organization of which he was the leader, and aspired
to be the boss. I was naturally adverse to dropping the organization
of which I was president, and for that reason incurred Mr. Wood's
displeasure. Whereupon he demanded of Tammany Hall that the
Superintendent of Elections, in those office I was serving as a deputy,
should remove me from service. Superintendent Voorhis reluctantly
complied with this demand, but did me the honor of attesting to the
satisfactory manner in which I had performed my duties. Bishop
Walters protested against this injust and un-Democratic action, but
to no avail. The leader of the Colored Tammany Auxiliary (the United
Colored Democracy) could endure no organization which could not take


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