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country which, even in times of peace, is known to
be dangerous and where one is exposed to robbery and
assault. Now that the Turkish bandits, as well
the police and the civil officers enjoy absolute
liberty, the exiles will undoubtedly be robbed on
route and the women and young girls exposed to most
dishonorable treatment.

We learn from different quarters of cases
of conversions to Islam, the people having no other
alternative, it appears, to save their lives.

Court Martials take place everywhere without

You have read in the newspapers of the
hanging of 20 Hentchakistes at Constantinople.
The verdict given against them is not based on any
one law of the Empire. The same day twelve Armenians
were hanged at Cesárée on the charge of having obeyed
instructions which they has received from a meeting
clandestinely held at Bucarest by the Trochakistes and
the Hentschakistes. Becides these executions,
thirty-two persons have been condemned at Cesárée to
punishments varying from ten to fifteen years hard
labor. These are chiefly honest merchants who have
no connection whatever with political parties.

Also twelve Armeniane were hanged at Cilicia.
Condemnations are taking place daily. The discovery

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