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land and the houses abandoned by the Arnenians.

They have not permitted the exiles to take
anything whatever with them. Besides in those districts
occupied by the military there remains nothing to take
away - the military authorities having themselves
speedily removed all that they were able to find there.

The exiles will have to travel on foot a
distance which will take them one or two months, or
even longer, in order to arrive at that portion of the
desert assigned to them for their habitation, and which
is destined to become their grave. We learn that the
roads and the Euphrates are heaped with the bodies of
the dead exiles, and those who remain are certain to
die soon since in the desert they will find neither
houses, work, nor provisions.

It is a project to exterminate the Armenian
race entirely without any interference. It is another
form of massacre; it is of the most terrible kind.

Remember that the subjects aged from 20 to
45 years of age are at the front; those aged from 45
to 60 years work for the military convoys. As for
those who have paid the regulation tax in order to be
exempt from military service, they have been exiled or
imprisoned under some pretext. Thus there remains
only the aged men, the women and the children to deport.
These unfortunate people are obliged to travel over


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