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American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief 70 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW VORK

Including Work of the Armenian Relief, the Persian War Relief, and the Syrian-Palestine Relief Committees

James L. Barton, Chairman

Samuel T. Dutton, Secretary

Charles R. Crane, Treasurer

Charles V. Vickrey, Executive Secretary

[first colume of names] Frederick H. Allen Arthur J. Brown Edwin M. Bulkley John B. Calvert John D. Crimmins Cleveland H. Dodge Charles W. Eliot William T. Ellis Fred B. Fisher James Cardinal Gibbons Rt. Rev. David H. Greer Norman Hapgood Maurice H. Harris William I. Haven Hamilton Holt Arthur Curtiss James Woodbury G. Langdon Frederick Lynch Chas. S. Macfarland H. Pereira Mendes

[second colume of names] William B. Millar John Moffat Henry Morenthau John R. Mott Frank Mason North Harry V. Osborne George A. Plimpton Rt. Rev. P Rhinelander Karl Davis Robinson William W. Rockell Wm. Jay Schieffelin George T. Scott Isaac N. Seligman William Sloane Edward Lincoln Smith James M. Speers Oscar S. Straus Stanley White Talcott Williams Stephen S. Wise

Expense of collecting and transmitting funds is met by individual members of the committee. One hundred cents of every dollar received from churches and other sources goes to the immediate work of relief.

The Committee urges immediate attention to this pressing need, and asks that contributions be sent to

CHAS. R. CRANE, Treasurer, 70 Fitth Ave, New York.

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America's Opportunity to Relieve Suffering in

Armenia, Syria, Persia, and Palestine

For Pastors

A CALL TO AMERICA HUNDREDS of thousands of people in the near East are in dire distress-other hundreds of thousands have perished. The survivors must be relieved and saved. To help meet this appalling situation, the Congress of the United States passed a resolution asking President Wilson to appoint a time for making an appeal and receiving gifts for the sufferers. The President has designated October 21, 22 for this purpose.

This handbook is designed to place information at the disposal of those who deliver addresses or sermons or who make personal appeals to persons with financial ability in behalf of those who are in such distress.

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HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF RELIEF DAYS I. Personal suggestions to pastors and other speakers; 1. Master the facts in this handbook.

2. Pray much over the appeal you are to make in behalf of the sufferers.

3. Interview editors of local papers to make sure that facts concerning the situation and need, sent to them from New York, are published. Write a letter for publication on the subject to the editor over your own name. Encourage other members of the committee to write similar letters, giving publicity to the facts.

4. Preach at least one sermon or make an address on the subject. Following are some of the suggested texts which might be used: John 15:13; Isaish 63.9; 1 John 3:17; Prov. 24:11, 12; James 1:27.

5. See that the meetings are thoroughly advertised by means of posters, the church bulletin and public press.

6. Interview people of means to secure large individual contributions.

7. See that the matter is thoroughly considered by your Church Federation or Association of Ministers.

II. Work through churches, synagogues and other gatherings:

1. Every pastor to be asked to set aside October 22nd as Armenian Syrian Relief Sunday, presenting the need and appealing to the congregation.

2. Every Sunday School superintendent and teacher to be asked to present Armenian-Syrian situation to members of the Sunday School, October 15th, distributing such literature and collection boxes as may be desired, with the understanding that they will be returned Sunday, October 22nd.

III. Community organization:

Every city where a local committee does not already exist is asked to organize a temporary Relief Committee, this committee to elect a treasurer, to employ an executive secretary to give his or her full time to the work until October 22nd, it being understood that the salary of this local executive secretary and other necessary expenses for printing, postage, stenography,


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