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of arms, of books, and of images justify the condemnation of an unfortunate person to several years' imprisonment.

Many persons have, on the other hand, succombed to the blows of clubs. Thirteen Armenians have been killed in this manner at Diarbékir ard six at Césarée. Thirteen others have been killed on their way from Chabine Kara Hissar to Sivas. The priests of the village of Kurk have, with their five companions, met with the same fate on their way from Sou Cherk - Sivas, although they had their hands bound.

I will not recite any more outrages that have been committed everywhere under the pretext of searching for arms and revolutionists.

Not a house has been left unsearched, not even the bishops' palaces, the churches and the schools. Some hundred of women, young girls and even children groan in the prisons.

The churches and convents have been plundered, profaned and destroyed. The bishops even have not been spared. Mgr. Kévork Fourian, Bishop of Trébizonde, Mgr. Khosrov Behrikian, Bishop of Césarée, Mgr. Kévork Nalbaudian, Bishop of Tcharsaudjak have been arrested and brought before the Court Martial. Father MéGuerditch, locum tenens of the Bishop of Diarbékir has succombed to the blows that he has received in prison. No newe has been received of the other Bishops, but I presume that the majority of them are imprisoned.

We are now living in isolation, as in a [underline]fortress


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fortrees, without means of comunication either by post or by telegraph.

The villages around Van and Bitlis have been plundered and the inhabitants have been slain.

At the beginning of this month the inhabitants of Kara-Hissar were unmercifully massacred, except some children who, it is said, escaped by a miracle.

Unfortunately the details of all these happenings have reached us too late or with difficulty.

You see then that the Armenian population of Turkey has only a few days to live.

And if the Armenians, finding themselves in a foreign country, do not succeed in obtaining the pity of neutral countries, in a few monthe' time there will remain only a few Armenians out of a million and a half. The annihilation of our people will thus become inevitable.


Armenians in Turkey.


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Ackgd 9/18/15

Newport Sept. 16, 1915

President Woodrow Wilson, LLD

My dear Dr. Wilson,

You have, doubtless, seen the statement made and the plan proposed by Ambassador Morgenthau for the relief of the Armenians from Turkish persecution. I do not write to advocate this plan, but to urge you to [?] the question whether

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there is not something which the United States could and should do to amerliorate the whole situation.

Of course, I am aware that we have far too much on our hands already and that this is specially true of you yourself, but the magnificent wisdom and form with which you are leading us constrains me to appeal to you in this to now distressing emergency.

Very cordially yours, M. Brenton Green, Jr.

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Will the President kindly advise the Secretary as to the reply he should make to the attached request for an interview,

September 27th.

I am willing to see a deligation at any free noon hour, except a Sat.

W. W.

Phoned 9/29/15 1200 Sept 30


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